Tips To Get Your Ex Back

Going through a break up can be a very emotional time in your life so I want to share with you some advice which will make this difficult period easier. One of the first things you should do is to think about what it is you may have done that has contributed to to your break up. Then realize the steps you have taken so far to get your ex back have simply been ineffective.

The likely reason for this is that you are currently being driven by EMOTIONAL desires and needs. This is a natural reaction but unfortunately it is not enough when you are trying to figure out how to get your ex back.

You see, an emotional person tends to exhibit a weakness that an ex partner will simply find as unattractive. A man showing emotional weakness and beta like characteristics, will simply not be attractive signs to an ex and may even confirm in their mind the decision to break up with you was correct.

According to the Manifestation Miracle system, the same thing goes for women too. If you find yourself begging and pleading with your ex boyfriend to take you back, he will simply look at you as weak and too emotional.

heart shape reconnecting

So now you know what you should not do, we now look at how to get your ex back.

You must become resistance to the emotional pull from your ex partner and try to be calm and think as rationally as possible and therefore you need to not contact your ex or at the very least have limited contact. I understand this can be difficult to do and a lot of people struggle with this but you really need to overcome this hurdle in your own mind before trying any attraction tactics to win back your ex partner.

Some questions you may have at this point will usually be:

“If I do not contact my ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, then how do they know that I still care?”

“What if this does not work?”

“How do I contact my ex after breaking up and not push them away further?”

How can I get my ex to talk to me again?”

“I feel I may have made lots of mistakes. Is it too late now?”

“How will I know there is still a chance to win my ex back?”

“What if my ex starts to see someone else?”

The process of winning back your ex partner is not like trying to attract someone new. You have already done this before since you were able to get together and be in a relationship. So what you need to do get your ex partners attention is to show them that you have changed and made progress in becoming a better person and potentially a better partner.

How you handle the break up itself can show your ex partner what kind of person you are under extreme situations and they get to see the real you. When you remain cool, calm and not too emotional and show a willingness to change can be a very powerful potion in itself. This can not only help you to win back your ex but also create a stronger bond between both of you as your ex will see that you are someone that can be trusted and relied if any potential problems should occur in your lives.