An Interview with Nicolya Christi by Evolving Soul Magazine

According to ancient Mayan prophecy, December 21, 2012, marks the moment of humanitys rise or fall. Our rise depends on higher consciousness and raised vibration as well as the expanded awareness of a critical mass of people. As humanity enters the evolutionary transition from Homo sapiens to Homo luminous-from 3rd-dimensional human beings to 5th-dimensional beings of light-we are being called to fully participate in the dawn of a New World built upon unconditional love, co-support, cooperation, equality, unity, peace, justice, and sustainability. Sounding the clarion call for a global shift in consciousness starting at the personal level, Nicolya Christi presents a step-by-step guide to healing and transforming your inner world.

To read this inspiring interview, please click on the link below to download the full pdf version.

An Interview with Nicolya Christi

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