A WSI Conversation with Carolyn North – Having the Courage to Change when it is Time to Change

WorldShift Happens…

Carolyn North has written 12 books on the evolution of consciousness, all in the form of story, and teaches movement and sound for healing. She lives in Berkeley, California with her husband, and currently mentors young people who find their way to her door. She claims that in these times our work is to inspire by creating imaginative change with pleasure, intelligence and beauty.

Carolyn loves to write and dance, and she uses both as vehicles for her work as a healer. She says – ‘Improvisation is what I teach, and as every moment seems to bring unbidden opportunities from the universe, every day of my life is filled with beauty and surprise. Ecstatic experience is the goal of my work, and I see ecstasy as the ultimate healer of all, from the personal to the cosmic.’

Over the years Carolyn has:

  • given birth to three children;
  • been a midwife in India;
  • sung in a Gospel choir;
  • started a farm;
  • taught her technique of dance healing;
  • started a hunger organization, Daily Bread;
  • built a strawbale house;
  • written 11 books on matter and spirit and
  • been married to the same man for 50 years.

Carolyn North Books

Healing Improvisations

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