A New Educational Model: Co-Evolving Human Consciousness for a World Shift
A WSI Interview with Alexander Laszlo. By Kingsley Dennis

Click Here to listen to WorldShift International’s interview with Alexander Laszlo – Director of Publications and Evolutionary Learning at the Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University – talking about GBU’s revolutionary educational model, which rewrites the experience of Study.

Both Alexander Laszlo and Kingsley Dennis hold extensive background experience working as professional academics. In more recent years, both have contemplated the long term validity, and effectiveness, of an existing, dysfunctional global educational system, in the context of the capacity of such to fulfil, and serve, not only young people entering advanced education during these critical times of transition, but also to meet the educational needs of the generations to come. It is the young people of today, as well as the future generations, who will be responsible for establishing newly emerging global systems, (as a result of a world shift occurring during these next years), which will begin to form the foundation stones of a new global society. For such to be possible, education needs a globally accessible new system, one with a pioneering approach which addresses the educational needs of the 21st Century, and beyond. GBGU has pioneered and launched such a system, and this unique and groundbreaking approach to study and teaching is available to the world from March 2012.

The educational system today seems irrevelant, it seems costly, that only bring students into debt, it seems to offer opportunities to students only if they are lucky and they can only get jobs if they are lucky”…Our Intention with GBU is to form the basis of a kind of educated citizenry, that is not educated by us telling them, what they need to think! We are giving them tools and parameters clearly, but also the ability for them to create relevant narratives for an emergent patterns of being and becoming on our planet. Fundamentaly it centers around human consciousness.”

Alexander Laszlo

This exciting WSI audio interview informs you of:

  • How the GBGU not only develops a student’s skill set, yet, importantly, engages, cultivates and inspires a student’s mindset, and heart intelligence.
  • How new learning is about story dwelling and not about story telling, or story playing.
  • How to blend cutting edge technology with collaborative, self guided, yet crowd-sourced, learning methodologies, that serve students to experience deeper engagement with their own lives, communities and contact with the world.
  • A new learning method which supports the current generation in bringing forward their narratives, in alignment with their highest aspirations, values and vision, as well as with each other, in order to explore what it means to be a living creative force on the planet.
  • A learning platform with an emphasis on social media – where students can meet, express ideas and share links – a learning platform which is collaborative – a social network.

The Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University is currently awaiting US accreditation. Following official accreditation, the GBGU’s pioneering education system, along with its unique study courses, will be available to student’s all around the world.

Find out more at: http://gbgu.org/schools_academics/continuing_education/world_123/.

Study courses toward an accredited GBGU degree will be offered from March 2012 – For further information please visit: http://gbgu.org/about_us/about_us/ FAQ: http://gbgu.org/faq/.

You can listen to the full interview here.