Dangerous Laptop Wifi Radiation

Laptop Wifi radiation affects sperm motility and DNA fragmentation.

The first study to look at the effects on sperm from laptops connected via Wifi
has found disturbing results.

Reproductive medicine researchers in Cordoba, Argentina, exposed a sample
of sperm from 29 men for 4 hours to laptops enables by Wifi vs a control sample
and found a significant decrease in progressive motility and an increase in sperm
DNA fragmentation (Abendario C et al. Fertility and Sterility, 2012, in press).
The researchers underline that this is a non-thermal effect, thus adding to the
evidence that Wifi and other EM radiation can produce adverse effects without
heating tissue.

Shawn Abrell, the US lawyer suing Portland Public Schools in Oregon on half
of David Morrison and his daughter (see issue 81), commented: ‘This adds
further evidence to our case that WIFI in schools can be harmful, increasing my
confidence that our case, currently set for June, will be successful.’

Also – Danish mobile phone study rebutted in BMJ

A Danish mobile phone/brain cancer study published in the British Medical
Journal that claimed to show no link has been comprehensively rebutted by
Alasdair Philips and Graham Lamburn in a published letter to the BMJ (BMJ
2011;343:d7899, 6 Dec). They reveal at least four major flaws that invalidate the
study, which they state ‘should be disregarded’.

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