Enough is Enough!

Many thousands of years ago, ancient indigenous civilizations and great Wise Ones foretold of a new “Golden Age” which was to emerge in the far distant future. They all pointed to the times in which we are now living as being THE era which would herald the beginning of a great new epoch. Many sacred texts and prophecies speak specifically to the year 2012, most especially the date 21/12/2012, citing this as THE time for the Great Shift of Ages.

The Winter Solstice of 2012 is the date prophesied to call in a new “Golden Age”. 2012 offers humanity a once in 26,000 years, and a once in 5,126 years, opportunity to unite globally in order to co-create a world shift and birth a new world.

There is the potential for a world shift of profoundly significant proportions – bringing with it the potential to establish a new template for a new world. The task is now upon us to not only hold and communicate an elevated level of awareness of, and unified vision for, a new world template, but to do so at both an individual and a collective level – applying ourselves to such with unwavering commitment, as well as practically in order to establish such.

Across the globe we see evidence of awakening, at both an individual and collective level, making possible a very real potential for the collective facilitation of a world shift – a world shift charted by the great Celestial Bodies, (as astronomy and astrology will attest) – a world shift prophesied to emerge around the time of the end date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar – 21/12/2012.

Following the rare and powerful astronomical events of 1999, a process of awakening, en-masse, has been occurring during the potent thirteen-year window of time (1999 – 2012) that the Maya referred to as ‘The Quickening’. The task has been upon those of like-heart and like-mind to awaken and unite during this period of ‘quickening’, and form the critical mass needed to ensure the emergence of what the Hopi refer to as “A Thousand Years of Peace”, by the end of 2012.

We have awoken… We have begun to unite en-masse.. More are joining us everyday..

We have only to look to the internet to see the unprecedented opportunity it affords for global unification, networking, campaign, and change. A fact that global authority systems are becoming all too aware of, and are now seeking to block and thus control.

It is critical that we use our ‘Collective Voice’ to ensure that our unified global expression continues – each one of us must take a moment to sign any petition that campaigns for on-line freedom of expression – (Click here to save the Internet as we know it – www.avaaz.org). If we do not, then all we have worked so hard for since 1999, will be lost to us, and to the world.

The good news is that ENOUGH of us have awakened. We have recently reached a ‘critical mass’, thus paving the way to a new world era. Our Collective Voice needs to strengthen, and we need to ensure that our task is fulfilled, that we are successful in establishing a new world template to move forward with as part of our next task, post 21/12/2012.

It is not by chance that we live in unprecedented times. We have an opportunity to be co-creators and significant contributors during the phenomenon that is 2012. A year in which we shall not only bear witness to the unfolding of groundbreaking and history making events, but more fully realise how 2012 affords us an opportunity to be co-creators of a new story for humanity – not ‘his-story’, or ‘her-story’, but ‘this-story’ – OUR STORY.

If you are not already part of a global world shifting initiative, then take a moment to join one, right now! Support Avaaz – Join Occupy – Join Med Mobs, join WorldShift Movement here on fb, or WorldShift International via fb and web.

In the human heart there is no ’99%’, or ’1%’ – there is only ’100%’ – All human beings form the heart of humanity, and therefore ALL are the 100% – Let us seek to change the world, to appeal to global authority systems, and those individuals and groups who represent such, from our hearts – Let us remember that they too have a heart – if we can speak to their hearts, and listen from our hearts – if we can refrain from ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality – and hold in our hearts that we are ALL the 100% – then this way, may well prove THE way.

Our message is clear – it is non-reactive – it is a response from the heart, to the heart – Our message is one of LOVE. And all and everything we can do to promote this as the KEY message for the change we wish to see in the world, must be our priority. If we are simply LOVE there is no threat, no division, no separation in our hearts and minds. We can build the world we vision, staying in our hearts, building it sourced from Love – and this way will allow the energy of love to seep into the foundation stones of global society and begin to allow for movement and re-calibration.

If we hold in our hearts and minds that a loving world is all we seek to establish, we may just manifest the Golden Age. There are sustainable structures and models we can establish – there is much to be created.. Let the conversation continue..

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  1. Hi Nicolya……….I am of the indigenous people of the north and have read your book. In the north we like many of our brothers and sisters of the south been affected by colonization and the powers of a paternal government that we have adopted. The history may have been painful but the pain of our the greed of our leaders in our community is far more painful. Many of the people are asleep as these in power create structures to serve their own needs.
    Our only hope as sisters who are concerned for the children is to pray to Spirit that our precious resources stay deeply buried in mother earth until such time as balance is returned to mother earth and our leadership remember that they are servants of the people.


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