Let’s WorldShift Together!

We are in our early days of development, and are looking for people with specific skills/areas of expertise to collaborate with WSI and to help WSI to expand and grow. WSI seeks to be a new paradigm organisation operating on a foundation of fairness, equality, equal exchange and non-hierarchical structures. We are at present a solely volunteer organization. Please see our list below of those bases that we need to cover. If you can think of any other skills you can offer that are not mentioned, please do let us know.

To ensure that WSI develops, grows and becomes successful in manifesting its vision, it needs a solid, reliable, dependable and capable support team. All roles are equal in terms of value to WSI, however, some require far more input, time and commitment than others. The working ethos underpinning WSI is that we are working for the world, for each other, as humanitarians and that the ‘rewards’ for doing so are to know that we are co-creating and contributing to a healthy world for our generations and the generations to come. Our willingness not to prioritize payment for services is a new world blueprint we hope to encourage and promote amongst those who encounter WorldShift International. Your humanity is your legacy.

Can you contribute:

  • Content development
  • Web development
  • Social networking
  • Public relations
  • Spreading the word!

If so, please let us know by filling in the contact  form below – or just contact us anyway to say hello! Because Together We Can

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