Being a part of a world shift is a collaborative effort. It requires that we acknowledge, understand, and accept that we are all intricately connected with one another. Everything we do resonates with the grander world outside of us and within us. No matter what we feel, think, or believe: we are not alone.

This is why we feel it is crucial that the need for a world shift be shared amongst all of us. We can share by:

  • simply talking with others and spreading the word – by mouth and/or by social media
  • informing ourselves and learning more about the bigger picture
  • developing new knowledge and skill sets more appropriate to our changing world
  • connecting with like-minded people online (see WS-NOW social network)
  • setting-up local friendship groups to share ideas, readings, companionship
  • establish local resilience groups to organize local food, resources, material, assistance, etc.
  • telling us what you are doing: send us your stories; your videos

Connect ~ Co-Create ~ Participate ~ Inspire ~ Be Inspired ~
Give ~ Grow ~ Share ~ Discuss ~ Explore ~ Manifest ~
Inform ~ Learn ~ Develop ~ Transform ~ Evolve ~ BE ~ DO ~ LOVE

Together We Can