Welcome to the Worldshift Now Social Network

Our aim for creating this social network is to connect like-minded people together so
that we can all learn from each other about how to manifest a world shift in our own
lives, and in the world. WS-NOW is a platform where we can each be informed, and
inform others; to discuss issues on our minds; to share our experiences and ideas; to
offer resources which can support each other in our own evolutionary ‘inner-shift’
process. It is an open platform that respects the integrity of each person, encouraging
all to openly express what is in their hearts and on their minds, and where they are
coming from within themselves. WS-NOW is a place for you to explore new ways: to
inspire others and to be inspired.

Above all, WS-NOW is about participation. You can help yourself by supporting
others, and being supported by others. Make the connections: post
regular blogs; add videos, links, and photos; share world shifting news, articles,
discoveries and inspirations. Reach out a hand to walk with others…

Support the world shift by being a part of it……

Because Together We Can…